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As a construction company, you need cost-effective and temporary signage that will pass the message to passers-by. The same goes for a company holding a one-time event. Cheap corflute signs are the best option for you. Call upon SEQ Signs to deliver these signs at an affordable price and without compromise on quality.

With the use of the latest printing technologies, our Brisbane and Queensland clients are spoilt for choice. Corflute signs can be printed in full colour or be based on a graphic design. We provide businesses and individuals with quality signs that meet their signage requirements.

Worried about the price and delivery of our quality services? There is no need to break the bank. Every corflute from the SEQ sign is an affordable printing solution charged at competitive market prices. Contact us today and receive a quality, suitable print for your business.

Reasons for using SEQ's Brisbane Corflute Signs

Corflute signs have a number of properties that make them ideal as indoor and outdoor signage.


If you are looking for suitable, temporary signage, then a corflute should be your number one printing alternative. Real estate and construction companies in the area use them repeatedly for one-time advertising and marketing. Corflutes are an attractive outdoor option since they are relatively cheap.


At SEQ Signs, we recommend corflutes for outdoor signage. You should know that corflutes are made of plastic making them ideal for the occasional rains that we experience in Brisbane. Is there better-printed signage that is weather-resistant, durable, and light?

Contact our team today and request your indoor/ outdoor corflute signs Brisbane.

Installation of signage

Made of corrugated plastic, a corflute sign is a lightweight item. With the right equipment, you can easily install your corflute sign and pull it down. To fix your sign to a surface, all you need are some screws or adhesive tape. You can also attach corflute signs to a fence. SEQ Signs will design your corflute signs with eyelets in the corners. Eyelets also give you the option of combining several boards to form a three-dimensional design.

Versatility of design and use

You can get a number of three-dimensional designs from the premier corflute business in Brisbane. We can design a corflute design in traditional cubes, spheres, or triangular prisms. The durability of the boards and frame allow for corflute signs to be used as both indoor and outdoor signage.

Need print signage for outdoor use? Your business should request for SEQ’s Corflute signs Brisbane service.

Custom sizes and shapes

Our team of designers is usually approached by a customer who wants an unorthodox corflute print. Such services are not beyond the expertise of our team. In addition, printing custom corflute signs is relatively easy since we can cut the material into any shape or size.

Corflute signs can serve as unique advertising displays for your company or business. Send us your request for a 3mm or 5mm thick sign and receive a free quote.


Serving businesses located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Greater Qld region, we have built a reputation for the quality of our artwork. The perfect blend of colour in every frame gives our artwork an advantage.

You should consider lightweight corflute signs for all your events in Brisbane. We offer a courier delivery service. Call us today with details and we can provide a sign that will correspond well with any of your events.

At SEQ Signs, we guarantee cost-effective service, competitive prices and fast delivery.

SEQ Signs: Corflute experts in the Qld area

Among the various signs, corflute signage offers a mix of durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. They are lightweight and can be printed in full colour. At SEQ Signs, corflute signs are available in both 3mm thickness and 5mm thickness. Once ordered, your signage will be delivered in UV and weather-resistant print.

For a professional corflute sign at an affordable price, contact the graphic designers at SEQ Signs. You can also send the details of your sign through our online form.

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